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Missionary / Evangelists Doyle & Cherie Jones

Seeing the lame walk, the blind see, and people filled with the baptism in the Holy Spirit for 50 years

A Spiritual Outpouring

Across America and around the world Doyle and Cherie have seen an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit.  Hundreds have been radically changed, multitudes have received the baptism in the Spirit, and healing miracles continue to happen every week.

• Over 100 healed of paralyzed or immobilized arms 

• Tumors and growths have disappeared 

• Many blind and deaf have been healed. 

At every turn, this ministry receives awesome reports of what God is doing.

Feel free to contact Dr. Doyle or Cherie about this global outreach that has enjoyed over 50 years of continuous service.

Pastor Teaching & Training
After years of church planting ministry, Doyle & Cherie Jones have traveled the globe for decades planting churches, and teaching and training pastors. They've seen countless people filled with the spirit and healed.
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About Doyle Jones Ministries

Doyle & Cherie have served as pastors, educators, and missionaries but they are best known as Missionary Evangelists whose ministry has taken them to Latin America and to many other areas of the world.  Influenced by the late Missionary Evangelist Richard Jeffrey and others, Doyle dedicated their missionary efforts to establishing churches through an evangelistic ministry which emphasized the miraculous.