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About Doyle Jones Ministries

Doyle & Cherie have served as pastors, educators, and missionaries but they are best known as Missionary Evangelists whose ministry has taken them to Latin America and to many other areas of the world.  Influenced by the late Missionary Evangelist Richard Jeffrey and others, Doyle dedicated their missionary efforts to establishing churches through an evangelistic ministry which emphasized the miraculous.

Dr. Jones received his Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU), Waxahachie, Texas. He later earned a Master of Divinity from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, Missouri and completed his Doctor of Ministry at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1991, Dr. Jones returned to SAGU to assume the position of Director of Missions for his alma mater, a position he held for fourteen years.

Some men and women are specifically called to evangelism. This is true of Dr. Jones and his wife, Cherie, a pastor’s daughter.  Together they have planted over 50 churches in other countries and have seen multitudes come to know Christ as their personal savior.  Dr. Jones has traveled extensively preaching powerful evangelistic messages in churches, youth camps, camp meetings, Bible colleges, prisons, work places, street corners, half-way houses, and just about any place where an opportunity to share the gospel has been presented. His anointed ministry is in demand both at home and abroad. He currently travels globally, preaching the gospel.

The Jones have two sons, Donovan and Nathan.  Donovan and his wife, Krystal, have three sons.  Nathan and his wife, Meredith, have two sons and a daughter.  All are active in church work.

Doyle's Personal Testimony

Dr. Doyle Jones came from humble beginnings in a small East Texas town. His dad was murdered when he was three years old leaving him, three older brothers, and two older sisters to survive with their mother under difficult circumstance.

Alcohol was introduced in the family early on.  It became a way of life for Doyle’s three older brothers and Doyle got drunk for the first time when he was ten.  But when he was eleven a neighbor and her husband came by and asked his mom if he could go to church with them.  That invitation changed Doyle’s destiny.

Not long after his conversion Doyle had a dream that a party was going on in front of his house.  Cars were arriving while people were having a wild time.  But in the dream, instead of finding parking places, the cars were plunging over a precipice.  Doyle began to run in slow motion trying to stop them but before he could get to them he awakened.  The Spirit spoke to an eleven year old boy to tell him that his mission in life was to keep people from going into eternal darkness.

Doyle began preaching at a young age at his local church & after hearing the call of God while working at a machine shop, left to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University when he was 18. Upon graduation he began to travel as an itinerant evangelist.  Soon he was conducting revivals and crusades overseas.

In 1974 he married Cherie, the daughter of a pastor in Louisiana.  Soon after they became missionary evangelists planting churches in various countries in Latin America.  In 1991 Doyle assumed the position of Missions Director at Southwestern Assemblies of God University where he taught for 14 years.  During that time he completed his Doctor of Ministry Degree and taught 25 different courses, mostly in Bible and Missions.  He continued his church planting efforts in the summers traveling to nations around the globe and mentoring over 150 students who went with him to assist him in his efforts.

Doyle has seen multitudes healed in his crusades including the blind, the deaf and the lame.  In addition, thousands have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit through his teaching on the subject of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  His book, Be Filled with the Spirit, has sold thousands and people of all walks of life have received the infilling of the Spirit after reading the book.  He has authored two other books, Forever Relevant and Divine Healing: Giving God an Opportunity.

Doyle and Cherie have planted over 50 churches, one of which now numbers 25,000.  One church they planted has started 27 churches.  They now travel full time at home and abroad.